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We are pleased that you are interested in working with us as an Interim Executive. We offer interim management as a core business and therefore only accept people in our pool who want to work exclusively as interim managers and project managers and are self-employed entrepreneurs.


Our regional focus is on the German-speaking region, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also fill global cross-boarder assignemnts with our P+P PREMIUM POOL® members and our global alliance partners from seniormanagementworldwide.

Are you already in our P+P Executive?

If you would like to send us your current documents as an update, you can do so at Your information will be automatically updated and your area of ​​operation will be expanded for future inquries!


8 steps from your application to the end of an assignment



Our pool members are selected according to a defined process and is based on the probability of placement. Our clients demand a high level of leadership, social and methodological skills that enable them to quickly develop solutions and achieve specified goals efficiently. Our consultants carefully check your documents based on these criteria.


Personal meeting

After we have successfully checked your documents, we will invite you to meet us personally to discuss the possibilities of our collaboration. The aim is to highlight your unique selling points and clearly define your profile. Our consultants not only pay attention to the goals you have achieved, numbers and facts, but also to your soft skills.



After these interviews, we agree on mutual discretion and confidentiality regarding the documents received and future inquiries. By concluding a framework agreement, we have the opportunity to speak quickly and openly about the specific client requirements and are able to offer your services within a few hours.



Once you have agreed to our digital framework agreement, you have been successfully accepted into our P+P PREMIUM POOL®. For updated documents we have set up a separate email address for this purpose. Your new documents will be processed directly in our system at


Assignment inquriy

As soon as we receive an inquiry from a client that matches your profile, we will contact you immediately to clarify your availability and we give you all details of the clients requirements we know at this stage.


Offer and documents

After you have declared your interest in the task and your daily rate has been determined, we will send your original documents in an offer to our clients - within a maximum of 48 hours.


Client meeting

If your profile has been selected by the clients as suitable, we will organize a personal interview within a few days. A consultant from P+P will accompany you, then give feedback and clarify how to proceed.


Assignment support

Once all contracts have been concluded, we will accompany you during your on-boarding. Our consultant remains the contact person for you and the client throughout the entire project. The assignment is concluded with an online feedback.


Become a P+P PREMIUM POOL® member

Send us your documents and we will contact you in the coming days to discuss further steps!


The documents of an interim executive consist of a classic CV, a project list and an executive summary as a one-pager.

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